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Bio-Activ 17kg

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Lasermaster Bio-Activ is a concentration of enzymes, solvents, surfactants and builders that work on tough, greasy, oily, gummy soils.

Bio-Activ has the added benefit of attacking protein spills common in today’s home and office environment.

• Breaks down surface tension fast, allowing detergents and rinse agents to clean deep down.

• In use pH at 11.3-11.9, depending on solution.

• Bio-Activ is compatible with Grease Blaster.

Directions Of Use:

1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly before any cleaning process.

2. Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area prior to commencing.

3. Mix Bio-Activ at a rate of 56 grams per 4 Litres of hot tap water. In Hydroforce style sprayers, mix 283 grams into 5.5 Litres of hot tap water.

4. On heavily soiled carpets, pre-spray Bio-Activ onto the traffic areas, allow to dwell for 5-10 minutes and extract with Lasermaster’s Laser Dri

5. On medium to light soiled carpets, pre-spray Bio-Activ lightly overall, allow to dwell for 5-10 minutes and extract with Lasermaster’s Neutra Rinse.

6. pH in dilution is 11.3 -11.9. 7.

For best results, follow the standard carpet cleaning practices outlined in IICRC S001


Do Not take internally.

Avoid Contact with Eyes

Wash Thoroughly after handling.

First Aid: In Case Of Contact, immediately flush skin with plenty of water.

Flush eyes immediately with lots of running water for at least 15 minutes holding eyelids open.

If swallowed, drink large quantities of water or milk. Seek medical attention

Refer to MSDS for further details.


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