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Active Professional carpet cleaning machine

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The ACTIVE professional carpet cleaning machine is the perfect professional mid-size carpet and upholstery cleaning machine.  The ACTIVE is the smaller brother of the ADVANCE machine, but it has all it’s style and no compromise on performance!   With great looks, superb manoeuvrability and above all else it has an outstanding professional cleaning power the, ACTIVE is an ideal carpet cleaning machine for the single operator and will give a boost to any business. 

The ACTIVE professional carpet cleaning machine has been designed to give you the maximum productivity from a mid-size portable machine.  Cleans carpets and upholstery faster, while at the same time being quieter and easier to move than most similar machines.

The ACTIVE professional carpet cleaning machine is a mid-size machine which comes with a durable self-priming 7 Bar (100 psi) SHURflo solution pump with variable pressure controller giving you the choice of high or low pressure to suit any cleaning job.  This will deliver a steady supply of cleaning solution for cleaning up to 30 metres away.

The solution recovery is performed by twin Lamb 145mm (5.7”) 3-stage vacuum motors.  These are set-up in parallel to give greater air-flow and help speed drying times.

To extend the vacuum motor life there is an automatic electric shut-off switch to prevent over filling the waste tank and forced air-cooling to prevent the motors over-heating.

For cleaning you will have as standard a 30cm stainless steel floor wand with easy-glide head and a 7.5 metre hose assembly consisting of crush-proof vacuum and hi-pressure solution hoses.

A powerful integral 3kW heater that will rapidly heat your water from 20ºC – 90ºC within minutes.

Rear stair-climbing wheels and a stainless steel handle make it easier to manoeuvre the machine making it ideal for single operator usage.

Also fitted with our integral whisper-quiet silencer system which allows high-performance and fast cleaning yet still works quieter when cleaning in noise sensitive areas.

The ACTIVE professional carpet cleaning machine has a great layout control panel with splash proof switches for solution pump, vacuum motors and  heater … you have total control of the machine.

With the ACTIVE professional carpet cleaning machine your customers will have cleaner, drier carpets, Giving you the ability to clean faster – you’ll also earn more money than before.

With the ACTIVE professional carpet cleaning machine and the ROTOVAC Powerwand you can have ‘truck-mount-like’ cleaning …

The ACTIVE professional carpet cleaning machine comes as standard with a stainless steel scrub-wand.  This is ideal for most carpet cleaning … however, as the name suggests  the wands needs to be pushed back and forth over the carpet and you provide the power.

If all you clean is one or two rooms at a time this is fine … however it does take a lot of energy from you!

The ROTOVAC and the ROTOVAC 360i Power wand.

The ‘ACTIVE’ and the new Rotovac 360i make an amazing team … you’ll have the power to clean deep down and leave carpets much cleaner than a wand, without the effort!  Now   you can also clean and scrub hard floors … which is a great money making tool!


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