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Neutra Rinse Neutraliser 5 litres

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Neutra-Rinse is an ultra concentrated acid rinse agent ·

Contains advanced formula corrosion inhibitors ·

Neutralizes and removes detergent residues ·

Can be used as a rinse agent or as an after spray ·

Super concentrated, use 473 ml to 19 Litres stock tank ·

Stabilizes colours and prevents browning/yellowing ·

Leaves the carpet in a proper pH balance ·

Available Sizes: 5L

Directions:Always Pretest for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area prior to proceeding

When cleaning carpet, pre-spray with Lasermaster Strike or Bio-Activ

When cleaning upholstery, pre-spray with LaserMaster Phoenix HD or LaserMaster Phoenix Fine

In a portable, mix 28 ml of Neutra-Rinse with 19 litres of water.

In a truck mount, mix 473 ml of Neutra-Rinse to 19 litres of water to make a stock solution.

As a browning treatment, mix 142 ml to 378 ml of water.

As an after spray, mix 28 ml per 378 ml

A concentrated gallon of Neutra-Rinse will treat approximately 65,000 square feet.

pH in dilution is 2.7-3.

For best results, follow the standard carpet cleaning practices outlined in IICRC S001.


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