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Pro-Boost 5kg

SKU: Pro-Boost 5kg

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Detergent and Pre-Spray Booster

Pro Boost is an oxygen brightener that is safe on all fabrics.

  • This additive will make any cleaning agent work better, faster and stronger. 
  • Will accelerate most any alkaline cleaning agent 
  • Boosts cleaning power
  • Makes whites and colours look brighter without using optical brighteners
  • Can be used to neutralize reducing agents 
  • Safe on carpet and upholstery 
  • Improves performance of floor strippers and hard surface cleaners

Directions: .

1. Add 1-2 oz. per gallon of carpet or upholstery pre- spray.

2. Allow 10 minutes dwell time.

3. Do not mix with acid solutions.

4. Always use product fresh.

1% solution has pH of 10.

A 1kg. jar makes 160 gallons of RTU solution.

For best results, follow the standard carpet cleaning practices outlined in IICRC S001.


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