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Urban Safety Hose Ramp | SHR1

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Designed to cover and protect the truck mounted cleaning hose, the urban safety ramps lay flat on the pavement, with a brightly coloured stripe warning passers-by of work in progress.

In this day and age there is always someone ready to make a liability claim against a company for negligence. Don't be caught out! Help to prevent any claims by investing in some safety hose ramps. Ideal for pedestrians and wheelchairs, these ramps will provide the professional, caring image that everyone should be trying to achieve.

To fit, simply open lid and lower hoses in the three channels. When closing, the hinged lid’s three protruding locating lugs close down into three corresponding holes in the rubber base. Once closed, the rubber’s natural tackiness, coupled with the tight fitting nature of the holes mean the lid will not fly open. Indeed, it should only open if manually lifted from both sides.

Specifications: Size: 960 mm x 600 mm x 75 mm (Length x Width x Height) Material Body: Hard rubber Material Cover: Polypropylene


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